Manufactured Housing Action (MHAction) is a special project of the Center for Community Change (CCC). MHAction is a growing national movement of manufactured home owners who engage in public policy issues that address their interests and concerns as homeowners on the local and state levels, as well as larger issues of retirement and economic security on the national level. This movement relies on the power of well-trained, committed grassroots leaders.

The work of MHAction is based on a set of core values, central to which are compassion for our neighbors and love of our communities. The focus of our campaign work is to balance short-term victories with long-term, structural change. Specifically, MHAction seeks to:

  • Win corporate accountability campaigns that protect the interests of manufactured homeowners,
  • Activate homeowners to work on policy campaigns on the local, state and national levels designed to provide economic and retirement security protections,
  • Recruit and develop leaders who can educate their communities and their peers on a wide variety of social and economic justice issues.