Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 10.58.14 AMWe’ve had the pleasure of sending updates and notes around to thousands of homeowners that have signed up with MHAction. I want to take time today to encourage homeowners to attend MHAction’s next Community Call, this coming Tuesday, August 12th at 7pm EST, 6 pm CST, 5pm MST and 4pm PST.

Register for the call here!

On this call, we’ll be covering:

1)      State pension funds that invest in Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc. and what we can do about it as homeowners. —Here in Utah, many of us have expressed concern about the impact that ELS’ behavior has on our families’ retirement and economic security. Public pension funds from ten different states have invested millions in ELS. Utah is one of those states. For the life of me, it’s hard to comprehend why our state’s pension fund is invested in a company like ELS.  The other states that hold investments include California, Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, New Jersey, New Mexico, Texas and Illinois. We need to inform those pension funds about our grave concerns around ELS’ business practices.  Pam Bournival, a homeowner from Florida, and Renaye Manley, an expert in the field of public pension funds from Service Employees International Union (SEIU), will be managing that part of the call.

2)     ‘Tricks of the trade’ in running local Homeowners Associations— Many involved with MHAction wanted to have some space to discuss helpful tips in being better organized on a local level.  Jesse Martinez, President of the Manufactured Home Federation of Massachusetts, will provide us with some insights he’s had over the years.

We’ve carved out plenty of time for questions and answers on the call and look forward to your participation. None of us alone have all the answers, but by working together on behalf of those we care most about— our families and our communities— our hope is to create a better world for everyone.


Richard and Sondra Robinson

PS: We encourage you to register but its not necessary – just click this link at the time of the call next week to join:  You can also call this number: 323-920-0091 | Access Code: 270 3721.