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Reaction to CBS report on manufactured housing

“A golden opportunity for an increase of affordable housing is being lost to corporate greed”

Watch the video below from CBS about manufactured housing in America.

No matter what income level one enjoys, there is no question that people choose to live in manufactured home communities for just that . . . the sense of community.  However, we are dismayed that the only communities shown in this report are one with hitches still on the home and one facing the Pacific Ocean.  Neither of these are typical.  What is typical is a community filled with homes secured into the ground, hitches removed and finishes such as carports, screen rooms and utility/storage rooms.  Unfortunately, what is also typical is community owners increasing the ground rent unconscionably so that these good, hard working home owners and retirees are forced out of their home and lose their equity because the cost of owning a home and also paying ground rent becomes un-affordable.  What could be a golden opportunity in this country for an increase of affordable housing in community settings is being lost to corporate greed.